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Q.:- Can the duck RO system be connected to an extra faucet/extra tank?

It only takes A1/4” and tubing to run the water to a refrigerator or extra tank. Some families run RO system with a tank.

Q.:- What does the Duck RO series water taste like?

The taste of Duck RO water depends on the amount of contaminants in the tap water originally. If 95% of dissolved minerals and chemicals are removed, the RO water may taste like distilled water (no minerals) or natural spring water (moderate mineral content) depending upon water TDS.

Q.:- How will the Duck RO series water affect mixed beverages?

Because reverse Osmosis remove invisible contaminants that mask flavor, it allow the natural taste of your beverages to come through. You will be able to use less coffee and still get the full flavor. Concentrated beverage like orange juice will taste tangier. You will probably be drinking a lot more water as well since many people drink soda. Concentrated juices, and beer as an alternative to bad tasting tap water. Also RO eliminates most of the lime build up on drip coffee makes, preventing the need for frequent cleaning. No longer will you find the white scum on the inside of pans after boiling water.

Q.:- How much water does the Duck RO system produce?

Under ideal conditions the TW1812-75 TFC membrane is rated at 50-75 gallons of production per day (50gpd at 60 psi, 75gpd at 90 psi). Under the average conditions, the consumer can expected 50-75 gallons of product water per da. But that’s still a lot of water for the average household’s drinking and cooking requirements.

Q.:- What is the maintenance schedule for Duck RO system?

The three pre-filter cartridges should be changed every 12 months. The 5 micron sediment cartridge filter is the first one, the second is a carbon cartridge filter and the third one is a 1 micron sediment filter. (Some systems come with the extruded carbon filter). Failure to change the cartridge every 12 months may cause chlorine to destroy the membrane.

Q.:- What is the warranty of Duck RO system?

The Duck RO system (excluding consumables) is warranted for 1 year for material and workmanship. All defective parts will be replaced free within the first year under natural breakdown.

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